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Originally Posted by RC 1162
Could someone help me? im stuck with the demo of MotS. i tried to close the blast doors but a tie bomber jammed it. help?(not help on closing the doors but on how to finish the demo)

The demo is finishable, and it's the same as the first level, so check out Trail's Guide for a complete walkthrough (while his JK guide is complete, he only does the first five SP missions of MotS, but that should be sufficient for ya).

Trail's Guide

(click on Walkthroughs and then click on the level you want, warning: contains spoilers!)

And yeah, it is too bad we don't have more JK/MotS games going, but that's what happens when a game doesn't have dedicated server support. We begged LucasArts, but they never came through on that part, on well. You can still hunt people up and setup a game over GameSpyArcade or Qtracker. Or you can find those guys running a few unofficial "dedicated servers." Massassi is probably a good place to start looking. There's also the Rbots Mod to simulate some of that old school bliss (even though it's not the same as the real thing!).

What I really wish is that LucasArts would release the source of JK, like ID software did with Doom/2. That would be so sweet.. then people could start making cool improvements to the engine like adding client server dedicated server support and better cheat protection. Then the game could truly live again!


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