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Question Anyone interested in "finishing" Trail's Guide?

First off I want to say that we're heavily indebted to Trail (aka "Scott St. Jean" whom I haven't talked to in years, but if he's reading this, thanks man, you're awesome!), and this is just me tinkering with an idea here.

I obviously don't have time to do any work on it myself. I've got far too many other projects going on, in addition to work/school.

However, as we all know, Trail's Guide was one of the best JK/MotS guides out there, since it covered all secrets and was pictorial. He got his guides up pretty quickly back in the day too when people wanted help with the game.

So now the games have passed into classic history, and yet it seems wrong somehow to leave it unfinished. Trail himself admitted he'd gotten sick of MotS and just didn't have the time anymore to complete the guide, so he had to leave it as is. That leaves 10 levels of the game to go (or 9, plus the "Bespin Secret Level").

If anyone is up to the task, of contributing even a few levels, or all of them, I would ask a few things:

1) Do it in the style of Trail's previous entries. So try to get up to that quality standard and match the quality of the screenshots. It shouldn't be less and it shouldn't be more.

2) You'll be credited for your work but if it's put on the site it will be done so in such a way as to not take anything away from Trail's work. That is, it will be clearly marked so he still gets his due for doing most of the work long before we tried. He does have SOME guest material up on his page, so it wouldn't be completely incongruous. The spirit of the site would remain the same and we wouldn't mess with his other material.

So I'm just speculating here, but if ANYONE has any desire to contribute, please contact me via email. Realize you'll be doing all the work yourself, and all I'd be doing is sending you some html files for reference (If you can't download them yourself) and then uploading your contributed files to the server for posting.

Obviously we'd advise that even though Trail is no longer with our network, that doesn't mean you can steal his work, but I'm sure people will be respectful. I'm just thinking how nice it would be to have the guide COMPLETE after all these years, even if the last part is done by other people than Trail.

So, post your thoughts, it's just an idea.

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