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"We've got to get to that facility," Niner told his squad. "And Fast. If our intel is correct, we should be able to get thier through this canyon." Niner pointed to the holomap projector image. "Let's go."

Alpha Squad ran straigt across the open ground to get to the canyon, which was about half a klick away. One droid shot at them, and the rest followed. Blaster bolts were sizzling past them as they ran.

Another blaster bolt nicked Niner's arm plate, but deflected off his personal shield. Once they got to the canyon, Alpha Squad set up a defense. Quickly, they set up the E-Web Repeating blaster turret. One squad member hopped on and started mowing down on the incoming droids. Another set up a line of mines while Niner and the last commando sprayed plasma from their DC-17's.

The droids were being cut up at a rapid pace, but their numbers seemed to be growing even rapider. Hopefully they were lightening the load for the Serian Warriors, but Niner got the idea that they weren't.
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