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Another Awsome Year at WR RPG

Okay, so I'm starting my first ever rpg. But read the ****in rules first!!!

1). you can use old characters or new ones you make

2). use tags to tag to people, please

3). HAVE FUN ^^

One thing: I control my person and Lili. ^^

So I'll start:

power: clarivoyince
pink hair
easy to please, nice girl
pink hoodie, black mini scirt
black boots

Rose left her mother's car, smilling. She took her MP3 player out of her backpack and switched to " Old School Hollywood" while walking to the girl's cabins.
"Okay, where is everyone?"
She chose a bunk, set her stuff down, and went to the main lodge.While walking, Rose saw a girl with reddish-purplish hair in pigtails sitting in a tree, catching birds on fire.
" Hi," Rose yelled. Rose climbed up the tree she was in and stared at her.
"My name's Rose. What's your's?"
"Lili," the girl mumbled.
"OMG!!! THE LILI?!? YOUR LIKE, FAMOUS WHERE I COME FROM!!!" Lili got a bit freaked-out and levitated out of the tree to the main lodge.
" Great. I screw up when I meet THE Lili and scare her off. Rose shock her head and levitated to the beach.


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