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nice missle shot

tatooine's demise

very devoted rocket platform

a few st's saying hello to the local garrison

someone's asteroid is not a safe place

some aclamators tellin the pirates what up

the ultimate anti y-wing fleet

akbar is surrounded

corvette getting swarmed

whew... wow that was a lot of pics.... i figured it should probably get it out of my system or id be coming back every day and posting more and more and more when i have more pressing matters to attend to

so enjoy yourselves cuase i wont be posting or taking any more shots for at least 2 weeks cuase school has now officially taken all my free time until finals are done with

and did i mention that i used to run the Homeworld series largest screenshot archive?

anyhoo, have at it folks... and be sure to tell Mike @ Petroglyph hes got some more screens to gander at...
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