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Originally Posted by FuzzySmurf
i take screens primarily from campaign or conquest, i dont much care for the coloring schemes it adds to the ships for skirmishes

since it saves the screens in .tga format not too many programs will open them with much use, ive heard that gimp will read them, other then that the only other programs i know of would be photoshop or paintshoppro, i use the later to open them and either save them as jpg's for uploading onto the server and sharing or as bmp's for wallpapers and such...

if you dont want to pay for a image editing software you can probably get away with opening the targa's in gimp and saving them as bmp's, then use Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to save them as jpg's...

I opened it with a software that i have called "Adobe Photoshop Elements" but idk how it works and i can't copy the picture into paint?

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