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Originally Posted by Xbx_Inthusiast
It does help if you have item mods or item workshop mods, because those have tons of files that can get confusing.
This is exactly the reason why I started using RedHawke's modding methods. With files allowing, I now try to "prefix" my mod items, scripts, etc. with the same few initials.

ie - my HakPad mod files all start with "hak_".. my upcoming Kreia mod files are prefixed with "kds_"... etc. RedHawke's stuff I can pinpoint in a heartbeat... just look for the "RH_" files Of course, it always helps if the modder lists all of their mod files in their readme.. which most do nowadays.

When I first heard we could start using sub-folders I thought "Sweet!" then came the conflicts... ouch...

It's programs like cchargin's KMM that really saves my sanity. It gives you the benefits of 'virtual folders' but keeps all the files in the main override folder and will immediately notify you of a conflict

KMM (Kotor Mod Manager)

I realize you're working with an Xbox.. but even modded Xbox files have to be transferred/installed by a PC don't they? (honestly asking, I'm not sure)...

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