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Of course. I don't think anyone here approves of late-term abortion, or partial-birth abortion. The only circumstance where it would be acceptable is if the mother's life is in danger, or the baby will be born defective and will die shortly after birth anyway.
But that's part of the problem - many laws restricting abortions that have been challenged over the years include provisions for abortions when the mother's life is threatened...but that's not enough for pro-abortionists. They want provisions for the health of the mother, which basically renders any legislation restricting abortion entirely meaningless - all a doctor has to do is say that the mother's 'mental health' would be threatened if she had the baby...which could really mean anything, and doesn't really take into account the long-term mental trauma that could occur should the mother have the abortion.

Also, studies are showing that abortions have negative effects on surviving siblings...and, according to the referenced article, may not be the best thing for victims of rape or incest, either.

Personally, I dislike the use of the yuck-factor propaganda tactics that the anti-choice taliban enjoy so much. But I will use them in response to bull**** like the above quote.
Or maybe pro-life people use the yuck-factor because abortion is a horrid, disgusting thing, and not as rosey and nice as you seem to think.

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