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Moral relativism is absolutely useless making objective value judgements, [emphasis mine]
Woah, that's profound reasoning! [/stinging sarcasm]

And the problem with the death penalty is that it gives the government too much power. The power to end a living breathing person's life in something other than self-defense. Let's face it: as long as there is a death penalty, innocent people will be executed. The justice system is part of the government and therefore prone to failure.
For what it's worth, I agree that the death penalty should not be around. It's interesting, though, how you say that the power to kill a living person is too much power for the state, yet it's somehow acceptable to give it to the arbitrary use of a single person, the mother?
Because he quarrels with your definition of 'person'.

"A moment after conception the genetic blueprint is complete. We have our blood type, our fingerprints, the sex is determined at the moment of conception. We know it is life. What kind of life is it? According to the laws of biogenesis, all life comes from preexisting life. Each species reproduces after its own kind. So human beings can only reproduce other human beings. [my emphasis]"

~ Kathy Ireland, appearing on Bill Maher's television show Politically Incorrect, 2/28/2000
A bottle of beer says she's a creationut or IDiot. Why should we take a representative of the American Taliban seriously? More to the point, why did you take her seriously and where did you find that quote? It most certainly wasn't in any of the scholarly works you claim to be citing. I restate my request for you to provide us with the secondary source that you really cite, rather than a copy of its bibliography (that may or may not bear any resemblance to reality).

Oh, and she doesn't know the first thing about human reproductive biology, either. Fingerprints aren't genetically determined. She's nothing but a Reich-wing hack.

A fetus has no awareness, no consciousness, no feeling, no independence, no thought, and no ability to survive outside the womb.
I gather it is ok to murder someone you've just knocked out then, because he has no awareness, no conciousness, no feeling, no independence, no thought, no ability to survive unless you let him. Yeah. Why are those cases not treated the same?
Myelinated nerves.

I think thats progress....abortion is technically murder. It's the females problem for having sex irresponsibly. So the conquence is raising a baby.
It's both parties' problem.
Yeah, right. And pigs fly.

The basic principle is that the state doesn't have the right to interfere with what is going on inside your body... relax that principle and you open yourself up to a whole heap of trouble...
Abortion is legal now because of the right to privacy, not because of some made-up restriction on interference with citizen's bodies
Dodging the issue.

You betcha we can, because those cells have absolutely no sense of awareness, no idea of self, no conciousness at all. There is no sense of loss to the cell, it isn't aware that it's dying.
You sound like a Dr. Joseph Fletcher, who argues in his book Humanhood: "Humans without some minimum of intelligence or mental capacity are not persons, no matter how many of these organs are active, no matter how spontaneous their living processes are."

I paraphrase the late, lamented WinAce: Often, these pictures are the only reply worth posting.

Oh, and by the way, I wish to restate my request that you provide the rest of us with your full bibliography.

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