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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
When there is a brain and a nervous system capable of performing some manner of cognitive function. I'm pretty sure that I've made that perfectly clear. I've reiterated it. You can bring in your artificial arguments about adults brain activity being stopped, but if a person goes more than a month with zero brain activity they are declared brain-dead. They aren't people anymore. They are a collection of organs that still function autonomously.
My point was that your positions were contradictory. You aren't listening: you said that conciousness is the determining factor for personhood. Then you said that personhood is not the determining factor in conciousness. Then you, ah, 'explained' that there is nothing outside of the material realm that encompasses conciousness, contradicting your previous statements and essentially saying that no one is a person, and ergo, no one has any rights whatsoever. I disagree with you, and think most people would.

However, they're still more of a person than a fetus, because they still HAVE a brain that contains memories and parts of their person inside of it, even if they are incapable of accessing or using these memories. An early stage fetus doesn't have any of that. They are NOT comparable to an unconcious/coma induced/braindead grown person.
Ok. Mind explaining when you determine, scientifically, they have enough nuerons for you to consider them neurologically active? 1? 2? Forty million? You don't know enough to make that decision.

False dichotomy.
So people have a some sort of halfway ability to make their own independent decisions? What? Give some examples if you expect people to understand what you're trying to say. "No, you're wrong" is not a helpful reply.

Dodging the issue.
Explain. If you're going to reply, then at least do it by backing up your statements.

I've got class now so I won't be able to finish this, but I will respond to your other points later.
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