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You wake up the unconcious man, he is able to think. You let the baby grow, it is able to think. How are those so different?
Myelinated nerves.

I agree, especially by the 2nd and 3rd trimester I don't see how anyone can justify it (assuming there aren't any lethal health hazards to the mother).
Tjahbom, tjahbom... What Does 'Life of the Mother' Really Mean?

I am under no obligation to take your word that a fetus is not human as any kind of authority. Likewise, you don't have to listen to my arguments, but you'd better have some way of proving that you know exactly when a fetus becomes a baby, since you're the one that the burden of proof rests on.
Quite the contrary. In a previous post of mine, I made a little list of constraints that a definition of 'living human being' would have to obey in order to make sense. Until and unless you or anyone else provides a consistent definition obeying these constraints, the definition is purely political. And it is you who fail to acknowledge that defining it to be - say - sixth week of gestation is a legitimate political decision.

If you don't, then you are just avoiding thinking about the problem and giving me kneejerk responses to preserve your ideas, whether they are correct or not.
Says the guy who posts material verbatim and unattributed from anti-choice websites, and who forges his bibliography.

He specifically said that the fetus was not human "Because there is no concious self in an embryo." The quote was directly related: "Humans without some minimum of intelligence or mental capacity are not persons, no matter how many of these organs are active, no matter how spontaneous their living processes are."
"He specifically said that he believed in God and that 'all morality is derived from God'. The quote was directly related: "Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet."

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