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Originally Posted by tk102
There are a couple things.

- KGFF supports Field Type Orientation (value: 16) and Field Type Vector (value: 17) which were not part of the GFF specification at the time GFFEditor was created but were used in KotOR. GFFEditor would corrupt these fields, most notably, the CameraList in the .git files. This was the primary reason KGFF was made.
- KGFF displays CExoLocStrings as having child nodes for each localized string. This allows there to be more than one string per CExoLocString.
- KGFF supports the importing and exporting of Binary data.
- KGFF can read TLK files to interpret the resrefs of CExoLocStrings.
- KGFF's Copy/Paste functions use XML and the Windows Clipboard to do the transferring, allowing you copy and paste between two instances of KGFF or even pasting to notepad and back again.
- KGFF has a couple other features like the Search functions, Revert, Fold/Expand Tree
Intresting. It sounds like it is time to upgrade.
Thanks TK!

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