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Ummm... Nothing, really complex to join GameSpy, as far as *I* know. Just click on the prompts, and when you log-on to multiplay mode, you're there.

It's entirely possible that you did what I did when I first attempted to join:

It'll have a field to enter your Nickname, then a field to enter your Email address, then a field to enter your password. Under that are the options "Enter Gamespy", then "Create GameSpy ID", then "Enter Without Logging In" . Fill out all 3 fields of info, and THEN click on "Create Gamespy ID". At first, I thought that clicking this button would bring me back to this very same screen, and that what I was supposed to do was fill in the fields and click "Enter Gamespy". This is not the case. Fill in the nickname, Email, and password, THEN click "Create Gamespy ID". Now, whenever you click "Enter Gamespy", you will have the choice to connect via LAN or internet. I always choose internet (because I don't have a LAN), and >poof<, I'm online, choosing a server to play on.

I personally play with the 1.2 patch. Some gamers use no patch on thier BF game. Others use the 1.3 Beta patch. A patch alters (usually for the better) several game features, oftentimes correcting "mistakes" in the game's original release format, and making the game cooler in several ways, and your server selection depends on your patch status. In other words, if you have 1.3 installed, and I have 1.2 installed, you and I will have a different set of servers to choose from, and likely cannot play together online, as 1.3 servers host 1.3 gamers, and 1.2 servers host for 1.2 gamers. The differences in patches are somewhat minor, but may greatly alter your playability and enjoyment of the game. Usually, patches greatly improve a game, the way a bandage improves one's skin after being damaged.
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