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[something missing] Manual Block

I was playing the ROTS game for playstation and I hate to say it but I found the saber combat more... engaging because of the awesome manual blocking.

This is something that is missing from JA/JO and I was wondering if anyone feels the same.

I will admit that I never had a problem with it until I played ROTS and believe me, I'm a staunch PC gamer so I was even a little mad at myself for liking it.

I messaged Kurgan before posting this thread and he said that RazorAce was developing a mod for JA that changes the saber combat, I believe I read a thread on this a while ago... Kurgan was saying that Razor added manual blocking then took it out...

I guess I could PM him and find out though he is more than invited to join the discussion on what I find missing in JO/JA lightsaber combat.
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