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I support abortion, but--

Just a quick intervention of the medical debate:

My personal opinion is that it's depressing how so many pro-choice people detach themselves so fully and completely from abortion and so vehemously argue that fetuses are not in any way human. Sure, you may be right (it all depends on point-of-view as well as facts), but abortion is tragic. It's tragic to the mother, it's tragic to the fetus, it's tragic to the relatives of the mother... I could go on and on. And the final fact is that it's very certain that the cells would have become a human being. A miserable one, probably. But a human being nonetheless.

There is, in my opinion, one final argument, however: Abortion cannot be stopped. Ban it, and people either go out-of-town to do it legally, or do it illegally and unsafely. If you want to save lives, join the Red or Blue Cross, Amnesty International, your local volunteering group, a fire department, or some other organization that supports volunteers. It's by far superior as you will then actually make a difference.

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