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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
I showed you exactly how I reasoned.
And it was a complete mis-interpretation based on taking my words out of context and running in the exact opposite direction. It's not MY fault if you cannot understand my argument, it

Your entire argument against me is a strawman. There is absolutely NO correlation between somebody who is braindead for 5 seconds and a fetus that doesn't have a brain to be DEAD. Yet you continually insist that that's exactly what I've been saying the whole time, when I quite clearly have made a distinction between the two.

@degobahn eagle: I never meant to imply that abortion is nice, or that it is easy, or that is doesn't have consequences. I think it's easily the hardest decision a woman could ever make in her entire life, and it will have emotional and psychological consequences for the rest of her life. I also think having people stand outside the abortion clinic screaming murder and calling her a whore makes the entire process MUCH worse than it is.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
and I do expect you to prove without doubt that there will be no harm to innocents because of your actions.
Well in this case I'm going to need YOU to prove to me that innocents will not be harmed if abortion IS made illegal. Prove to me that women won't go to back alley abortion clinics where they're just as likely to die themselves, prove to me that women won't go at themselves with coat hangers, and throw themselves down staircases to prevent having a baby that they don't want and cannot possibly care for.

The problem with making abortion illegal is that it isn't going to DO anything, except make anti-abortionists feel like something was accomplished.

If they REALLY wanted to help, they would take the time and money invested in trying to illegalize it and put that into safe-sex programs, counciling programs, and programs intended to assist single mothers. THOSE would help get to the crux of the problem, instead of making it illegal so you can ignore it.

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