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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
I asked you for a very simple thing, just a time that can be put into law so that we know when a person exists and when it doesn't. Care to answer?
You can't have an exact time table, but it IS possible to test a fetus for brain activity, and if that's there, then it's clearly too late into term for an abortion, barring extreme physical danger to the mother.

And I've revised my argument to eliminate the ambiguity, you simply refuse to let go of your assertion that I'm saying it's okay to kill a person whose brain stops working for 5 seconds, which I haven't said, and am not saying now. A fetus has never HAD brain activity, and it isn't going to have brain activity in the next 10 minutes, or even 10 days. A person who goes 10 days without brain activity would be declared brain-dead. There would be almost zero expectation of recovery, they are no longer a person.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
It will ensure that no innocent dies, the same as a ban against the death penalty. That's doing something.
Just like marijuana being illegal has ensured that nobody ever smokes it.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
1. Since you claim that everything is explainable by physics, what physics do you mean? Our current physics? Obviously that's false, because science is not in the business of objective truth, it's in the business of what seems like the best truth at the time. Historically this is true, and it will continue to be the true. Theories have been disproven and will continue to be.
I honestly have no idea when I've said that everything is explainable by physics, or where you're pulling THIS from. It seems you're once again putting words into my mouth... Because physics certainly doesn't explain biology, or chemistry. Obviously our current physics cannot even explain everything in it's own field, or we wouldn't be studying it anymore.
I do believe that there IS a physics that would explain how everything works, but we're nowhere near to understanding it. I also don't have the slightest idea HOW this applies to this discussion at. all.

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