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Originally Posted by edlib
Ha ha... dude, are you serious?
Is there a reason I should not want to take you seriously?

Do you really think I care that much about what a stranger that I've never met in person on an internet bulletin board thinks about anything I say?
I don't give much of a damn if you take me seriously or not. Debating things on this forum are an interesting diversion for me. A time-killer... but hardly anything that will ultimately mean anything to my life or yours.
I stated my personal opinion, for the record. You have problems with it. If I get more time at a later date, I'll try to clarify my stance on the matter, but I'm sure as hell am not going to put other parts of my life on hold for it.

I've never expected that either of us will change our point of view on the matter. If anything, stating our viewpoints in this way will only cause us to become even father entrenched.
If you state something in a debate forum, yeah, I suspect people might expect that you back your statement up. Imagine that. If you just want to say something in a debate without justifying it, become a politician or something.

I don't have a problem with you explaining your position later, but you can't expect me to be able to represent your argument for you when you wait until everyone's gone to start talking.

For the record, I have taken every argument seriously, and why not? That's what the forum is for. I haven't called anyone names, I haven't ignored large parts of other people's posts, I haven't tried to demonize anyone, and I haven't even laughed at your or anyone else's views. I just find my reasoning more convincing than yours, and have been attempting to show that.

All those things you described are part of our evolutionary heritage in the form of the reptilian part of the brain that houses all of our competitive instincts, and refuses to be civilized. We can attempt to control it, but without an evolutionary change, those darker parts of us will never fully go away.
I will tell you right now that I have not performed any of those acts and I intend not to. I will not blame my actions on something I cannot control because it's convienent. I can control myself, and I expect others to do the same with themselves.

Reducing the causes that lead to these actions through education, counseling, and social programs is what I believe what will ultimately reduce these problems. But only in a utopia could they ever truly go away. there will be some that always resort to violent measures despite how "perfect" society tries to make things.
No argument, save your inference that people are not responsible for their decisions.
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