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Hmmmmph. Could be technical, I don't know. Never encountered that, and I'm not a "computer-type-of-guy", so I don't know of how I can be of help, here. Good Luck. WHEN you find success, let me know by posting here again.


Alconium-- Guild Wars???

Commander Obi Wan-- I know it could change as time goes onwards, but right now, your curent avatar is pretty awesome... that stick-figure, Darth Maulish, Matrixy animation. And I'd consider making the $20.00 (or less) investment and getting the game now while you can. I, personally, have owned both for a few months, and I enjoy BF1 more than BF2 right now (though I feel that may change someday, as I may get bored with BF1 eventually)... so much so that I've played BF1 about-- literally-- 20 or 30 times more than BF2. There are many great things in BF2 that I so-o-o-o-o wish existed in BF1, but the playability of BF1 is more user-friendly to me, and there ARE some FANTASTIC things in that game that are lacking in BF2. When it's off the shelves, it will be so forever.
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