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"Don't give your position away and only fire at the leading droid." commanded Scur.
"Yes sir. You know, usually I wouldn't let a mercenary command me but my master died telling me something about follow the next man that takes command of you under the Republic."
"Really? Wow. I'm lucky."
"Yeah." suddenly the alpha squad marches around a cliff and soon enter the city. As they walk through suddenly on the other side of the city a hail of fire comes down upon the alpha squad, coming from the building across from them.
"Locate the leader, if you can."
"On it." both men scan the droids looking for a commanding droid but can't find one. Soon an smoke arises the area from an explosion. Soon the smoke clears and thedroid squad is gone. "Well so much for helping them!"
"Yeah but the good thing is that we didn't give our position away." Scur replied.

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