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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
I showed you exactly how I reasoned. Can you follow it? Did I misquote you? If not, then deal with it - change your argument so that it is no longer vulnerable to that interpretation, but don't say you didn't write what you did. It's not my problem if you don't agree with yourself.
Cells in the brain (using protein I believe) are the carriers of our memories.

So anyway, a person will, by all means, retain their memories even after death. We're essentially complex bio-computers. When our body dies, it's basically like the motherboard and processor crashing. All the data in the hard drive is still there, unless destroyed.

ET never contradicted himself.

I just have one thing to ask, for all those that view abortion as murder.

Are you ready for the consequences of legislation declaring "cessation" in the growth of a fetus as death? Miscarriages will have to be declared negligent homicide, if abortions are to be called murders. If not, you're hypocrites and as such your points are instantly invalidated by your own standards.

“This body is not me. I am not caught in this body.
I am life without limit.”

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