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Originally Posted by razorace
Oh, ok. See I thought you were supposed to go up to 200 and stop there. Maybe that's just the older Jedi Knight games.
In Jedi Outcast you can have a max of 200 armor (even though the max is 100). If you are at 100 and grab a 100 pickup then it is at 200, but counts down until you're back at 100. In JA, I didn't think that even applied. you could simply never go over 100, at least not in basejka. The most common place you saw this occur in JK2 was on Bespin FFA, as it had two large shield boosts sitting around within easy reach.

JK1 and MotS both had 200 as your shield max IIRC (though MotS Personalities had different maximums, from 175-250). In JA Siege each class has a different shield maximum (ranging from 0-100).

As to the "Hoth bridge exploit" that's commonly being referred to as the one in Siege wherein you can cause an explosion as the objective bridge is being extended, causing it to retract back into the wall and never come out again (this was fixed). The same thing was possible with the "switch based" bridges on Korriban Siege (but you could always re-extend those by force pushing the switch). That other exploit is interesting. You're not supposed to be able to player stack in JA since you slide off their heads, but if you're well coordinated enough you can stay on, and the bots have a real talent for it sometimes... heh

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