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Originally Posted by Kurgan
I don't think our time in a debate such as this is wasted at all, rather I think we have the ability to practice articulating our ideas and perhaps, even if in a small way, grow in our thinking.
Well, I agree with you there. I've always been aware of the fact that if you really want to learn something for yourself, often the quickest way to master it is to teach it to somebody else. It forces you to truly wrap your mind around it and articulate it in the most straightforward way possible.

I guess the same thing applies to stating your position on sociopolitical philosophies in a forum such as this. Sometimes the best way to firm up your personal position is to debate others on theirs.

And sci-fi is always an inspiration. My Hitler example has been covered for decades in one way or another on shows like Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and for that matter: "The Dead Zone."

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