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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Rape, murder, and other violence is reduced by laws forbidding them.
But abortion itsn't (or wouldn't be?)

How does that make sense?

I don't understand this attitude of, "it's gonna happen anyway, so we should do what we can to facilitate it."

Originally Posted by InsaneSith
Are you ready for the consequences of legislation declaring "cessation" in the growth of a fetus as death? Miscarriages will have to be declared negligent homicide, if abortions are to be called murders. If not, you're hypocrites and as such your points are instantly invalidated by your own standards.
That would be a possibility, but only if it can be proven that the mother was negligent...there are, after all, many women who have miscarriages, even though they do everything they're supposed to while pregnant.

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