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Wow, this topic is really staying hot; I haven't had time to reply for a few days. Now there's no way I can address all of this but here's a start...
As for South Dakota, here is a nice article I just read. The second page had some quotes about how women feel after an abortion. Take it as you will....
The Mad Biologist has commented eloquently on this 'point' and others.
Personally, I dislike the use of the yuck-factor propaganda tactics that the anti-choice taliban enjoy so much. But I will use them in response to bull**** like the above quote.
Mind explaining how my quote could possibly be considered 'bull****'? I was just putting out some more info that was very relevant to the discussion at hand. Obviously everyone is expressing their views on the subject of abortion, so why not toss in those of some others as well? I wasn't trying to use a 'yuck-factor', either. Yes, I think that holding the child after having it aborted is disgusting, but I wasn't trying to convince others of that. So calling BS on my quote was ridiculous.

I see that some folks are saying that outlawing abortion will only make the problem worse for mothers. I agree that banning it will not stop the problem completely, but someone isn't just going to up and decide 'hey, i'm getting an illegal abortion'. I guarantee you that other options are going to be considered a lot more. On that subject, no matter what the legality of abortion is, women (and men for that matter, it's not just single mothers in the clinics) need to be far more educated on other options. For how to not get pregnant, and in the case of pregnancy, how it can be handled other than killing a child.

For example: never having been a young girl faced with the prospect of a life-altering unexpected pregnancy, I cannot state with any certainty exactly how I would react in that situation.
I think that a major mistake that teenage mothers make is trying to keep their pregnancy a secret. Even if your parents won't be understanding or even excepting of your situation, someone resposible should know. Pregnancy is not something to try to handle on your own. You should have someone to talk to, to help you decide the best way to handle the child, whether it's adopiton or otherwise....I think that girls need to be far more aware of the consequences rendered by trying to go it alone.

It is always going to happen to some degree, just as it always has... but we can try to radically reduce the numbers, probably to almost nil, with aggressive and comprehensive sex education, as well as better contraception, and far easier access to it for all those folks who choose to have sex.
I agree. I think that a big step in taking down the abortion rate is education in how to prevent pregnancy. Of course another big step is to illegalize abortion altogether. Unfortunately neither of those things will stop it altogther, and therein lies the problem.

I don't have time to breach more of these subjects ,i.e. 'What defines a human', etc., but it seems as if Dravis is doing nicely keeping that arguement up.
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