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Viper ran into the middle of a gun fight between clones and droids that was going no where. He dodged the fire and ran after Alpha squadron. He knew they were the biggest threats. Suddenly his comm. beeped.
"Viper, Sir?"
"We have received news that General Greivous is dead"
"He was killed by a Jedi named Obi Wan..."
"Oh...I see..."
"That means you are in charge sir"
"You are the leader of the seperatist forces"
Viper was speechless
"Ok...await my orders. I need to finish off my buisness here"
"Copy that"
Viper rolled past a clone who was shooting at a loan droid. Viper put his blaster the clones head and shot him at point blank range. He fell to the floor. Viper continued to follow Alpha squad. When he reached the roof that they gone up to he stopped. He knew almost every single sniper the CIS had was going to take a shot. Viper didn't particulary want his brains splattered everywhere but he knew he couldn't leave Alpha squad to destroy his army. He jetted up to the roof and pointed his pistols at Niner but he retreated into the building
"Damn it! Fight you coward!"
Viper followed....


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