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Originally Posted by Lady Jedi
On that subject, no matter what the legality of abortion is, women (and men for that matter, it's not just single mothers in the clinics) need to be far more educated on other options. For how to not get pregnant, and in the case of pregnancy, how it can be handled other than killing a child.
It seems you've never even once attended the clinics.

You get far more information on non-abortion options than information on (for) abortions.

And if your reason for not going is "I never intend on getting an abortion", then don't bother replying. I have no intention either, but it is something you should learn about to help others, or if only to just know.

Abortion is always treated as a last resort when recieving counseling. Does this mean every woman pays attention? No, but it's the best you can do.

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