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Originally Posted by CapNColostomy
I'm actually pro choice, but I would like to point out that you're full of crap. A fetus is, in fact, alive. Even sperm is alive. Hell, bacteria is alive. That doesn't mean that any of those things are humans...Just that they're alive. That is all. Please, continue this pointless debate.
Actually, biologists classify something as a living thing when the fulfill the following conditions:

1. Cellular Organization: All living things are made of one or more cells.
2. Metabolism: The sum of all chemical reactions that an organism carries out. All living things use energy to grow, to move, and to process information.
3. Homeostasis: The process whereby all living things maintain relatively stable internal conditions. (For example, your body maintains a temperature of about 37∞C (98∞C) no matter how cold or warm the weather is.)
4. Reproduction: The ability to reproduce from one generation to the next is characteristic of all species of living things.
5. Heredity: A process whereby living things pass on genes during reproduction. All living things have DNA molecules inside their cells that encode information to direct growth and development a set of blueprints, called genes.

Therefore sperm are not living beings, and fetuses are not living beings.

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