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Alpha Squad formed up in hostile defensive formation. They walked through the dark passageway. It was damp and there was some sort of liquid dripping down the walls. Niner couldn't tell exactly what it was, for his visor was in low-light mode.

They continued to walk. There were no hostiles, but there were many potential ambush areas. For this reason, Alpha Squad stayed in formation. They had walked about five klicks now. There was light at the end of the passageway.

Then something blocked the light. Then it was gone. Alpha Squad broke and pressed themselves to the wall. They snapped on thier sniper attatchments and zoomed in on the end of the passageway. Niner could see macinery.

Then the light was blocked again. This time, Niner had a clear view of an Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid, looking down the tunnel. "This had better be the facility," Niner commented.
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