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Originally Posted by Insane Sith
It seems you've never even once attended the clinics.
You get far more information on non-abortion options than information on (for) abortions.
No I've not attended. What I was saying about educating the parents was not aimed at those who are going to clinics. It was more in the respect of teens who get pregnant and their first choice, or their parents' first choice, is just abortion. Or people who find out that they're pregnant and say 'well I'm not ready. I'm getting an abortion.' That's what ones I was meaning. I should have been more clear.

And if your reason for not going is "I never intend on getting an abortion", then don't bother replying. I have no intention either, but it is something you should learn about to help others, or if only to just know.
I see what you are saying. I think I'm being too damn agreeable though.

Abortion is always treated as a last resort when recieving counseling. Does this mean every woman pays attention? No, but it's the best you can do.
'When recieving counseling'. There it is. What about the ones that bypass that? Is counseling required, or is it simply an option before an abortion? If it isn't required, it should be.

Obviously there are plenty of pro-choicers and pro-lifers here, and I doubt any of us are going to change our standing in that regard, so let's have a bit of fun:
For you pro-choicers: At what point, if ever, do you think that abortion becomes the killing of a person? Is it at any time while in the womb, or does it become a person, merely when it is born? There's been plenty of discussion on what defines humanity, so let's do this approach, when is humanity defined?
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