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For you pro-choicers: At what point, if ever, do you think that abortion becomes the killing of a person? Is it at any time while in the womb, or does it become a person, merely when it is born?
Little tidbit, human babies are born "early." We are completely helpless and dependent on our parental units for a long time, whereas in nature, a lot of younglings are practically walking the same day they're born. [/random tidbit]

Personally, I think victims of sexual assault and abuse should have the choice to not have a baby* that was forced on them. Abortions should not be used as birth control. People should have been more careful when having sexual intercourse.

I do not consider a fetus to be a fully developed human, but I also don't think people should be getting abortions at the late stages of pregnancy. I don't see why they can't simply pass the law to ban abortion, but still allow victims of sexual assault (rape, incest, ect) to have the choice to terminate the fetus at an early stage. Once it's at a certain stage, you're out of luck.

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