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I see many people asking for Tutorials on making new planets, but it just cannot be done, especially catering to newer modders, here's why...
  • You have to have basic knowledge of modding the game first...
  • You must know how to use KotOR Tool.
  • You must know about dialogs.
  • You must know about character files.
  • You must know about scripting, I cannot stress this one enough.
  • You must know about placeables, the horror... The Horror!
  • You must know how the area .git files work.

In the end you have to have a working knowledge of quite a bit before you attempt to tackle this kind of mod, I could write a tutorial, but you would not understand it unless you were capable in the areas as I listed above, and by then you could figure it out on your end quite easily, and wouldn't need a tutorial anyway.

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