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Originally Posted by Kensai
For instance, I just don't like the idea that the sith have arisen within 150 years of being completely quelled in the OT, it seems too rushed..
Well we pretty much completely quelled nazism in ww2 but you still get nazis?

The thing is at one time the Sith was a huge empire/religion ok that empire/religion has been destroyed but still doesnt mean people wont follow it?.

The problem is there will always be sith as long as there is even the smallest trace of their civilisation about someone will know about them and then claim to be one.

Just think all it takes is for someone force sensetive to find a Sith holocron on Korriban to resurrect the order to be honest why the hell hav'nt the new republic *or whatever its called this week* completely wiped Korriban from existance? it serves no purpose it is just a tomb world for the Sith and they know this??.

Anyway it seems the Sith ideology is very hard to destroy and will always be around in some form or another.

Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak
I'm hoping they explain a bit of how it actually happened, but if they do, they can't contradict themselves while other things come about before this takes place.
Well the upcoming Legacy of the force Series will tell us what takes place between the swarm war and this new comic series and Dark horse have said they are working closely with the authors of them books so as not to contradict.

Also in may they are releasing Legacy #00 which is going to give us all the background of this era anyway incase you dont read LOTF.

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