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Yes, I think that holding the child after having it aborted is disgusting
Why? Why can't you grieve over your child after you've aborted it?

I see that some folks are saying that outlawing abortion will only make the problem worse for mothers. I agree that banning it will not stop the problem completely, but someone isn't just going to up and decide 'hey, i'm getting an illegal abortion'. I guarantee you that other options are going to be considered a lot more. On that subject, no matter what the legality of abortion is, women (and men for that matter, it's not just single mothers in the clinics) need to be far more educated on other options. For how to not get pregnant, and in the case of pregnancy, how it can be handled other than killing a child.
Except that is what they said about alcohol, too. And marihuana. And lots of other things that have been banned.

You have absolutely no way of knowing that. In fact, I heard an interview last month with an abortion 'doctor' from Arkansas (known as "the abortionist of Arkansas"), where he said that he deliberately avoids discussing other options unless the mother brings it up.
There are always exceptions. I had a particularly incompetent therapist when I was hospitalized. "All" the patients I met both times I was hospitalized there disliked him, and it's a miracle he wasn't fired.

Why would you go to an abortion doctor to recieve counseling on options?
You wouldn't. You go to an abortion clinic to have an abortion. However, you should be counseled on options becasue one or more of those options may be a better idea in your case. Better than having an abortion and then learning that you could've done this and that instead.

And your Honda/Toyota analogy is irrelevant. Abortion isn't an industry, or shouldn't be, and the abortion doctors aren't "dealers" trying to "sell" abortion. If they are, at least they shouldn't be. Damn, I want to visit one of those clinics and ask. Brilliant idea, thanks.

Personally, I think victims of sexual assault and abuse should have the choice to not have a baby* that was forced on them. Abortions should not be used as birth control. People should have been more careful when having sexual intercourse.
Rape victims are special cases. They are heavily traumatized and will remember the rape every time they see the child. Pretty much litterally. So yes, special case.

Why do I keep getting a "your post is too short" error?

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