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SteveK14 on gametoast figured it out.

The setup to run mod maps on the DSManager is the same as SWBF1.

Create an addon folder in your server root folder. In that folder put your mod map folder. DELETE modid\data\lvl_pc\SOUND folder. Make a mapinfo.txt file in the modid root folder, your done. The mapinfo.txt file follows the same format as SWBF1.

Example for Coruscant:

CW,RENDS Coruscant City CW,CO1c_con,CIS,republic,200,200
GCW,RENDS Coruscant City GCW,CO1g_con,alliance,imperial,200,200
CW,RENDS Coruscant City H/V,CO1c_eli,Heroes,Villains,200,200

The first value is what window (left or right; CW or GCW) in the DSmanger window the title will appear.

Second value is the title which will appear in the respective DSManager window. NOT the title of the map in-game.

Third value is the map filename itself.

Fourth value is what name of the team which will show up in the DSManager window.

Fifth value is the default reinforcement count the server starts with. REGARDLESS of what value you have munged in your map. These values override it. So if there are any balancing issues, state them in your readme.txt.

That's it.

Have FUN!

It's fairlly easy to do. We have a -=FA=-SaleucamiMapServer running CaptainMazda's Battle of Saleucami map. You can download it on filefront if you want to come test out the server. I plan to make a custom Elimination map server in the near future. Big thanks out to Steve!

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