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New: AloViewer v0.3, with animation support


First of all, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post, so please be gentle with me

Now to business...
Since I haven't seen a description of the .alo file format anywhere (all I read everywhere is basically: wait for the mod tools), I decided to have a go at it myself in some spare time. And I actually found out a lot of information about the files, if I say so myself.

I wrote this down on my website ( along with some screenshots of some models I loaded and rendered with this
(feedback greatly appreciated).

However, I was wondering if people already know this or not. I remember seeing some rendering of a rancor somewhere, but then I wonder why noone has yet created a mod tool.

So I'm basically asking: can anyone use this information, does anyone actually care about this, or should I stop wasting my time?

Update 2006/05/15: version 0.3 is available, now with animations.

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