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Basic Guide

Extra Maps to add:

Campaign mode maps:
cor1c_c (Coruscant)
dea1g_c (Death Star)
fel1c_c (Felucia)
geo1c_c (Geonosis)
hot1g_c (Hoth)
kas2c_c (Kashyyyk)
mus1c_c (Mustafar)
myg1c_c (Mygeeto-only host can play)
nab2c_c (Naboo)
pol1g_c (Polis Massa)
tan1g_c (Tantive IV)
uta1c_c (Utapau)
yav1g_c (Yavin)
spa1g_c (Space Yavin)
spa2c_c (Space Coruscant)
spa3c_c (Space Kashyyyk)
spa4g_c (Space Mustafar)
spa8c_c (Space Hoth)

XL mode maps:
hot1g_xl (Hoth)
geo1c_xl (Geonisis)

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