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I liked the story and Elora's character in particular. I like the description of some of the angst the characters feel when deciding to leave the order or stay.
The only place I got briefly stuck was when you switched characters--it took me a moment to realize 'oh, that's Revan talking now, OK,' and go on.
Carth says he's a soldier in the Republic (instead of a sailor) when we begin Kotor, so I always thought of him along the lines of a Captain or Lt. Colonel. Of course, later on he's an Admiral in TSL just to make things all mixed up in the rank department, so whatever you want to call him is fine.
I really liked how you started to describe the Deralian people--very interesting.
Just keep writing about any part of the story--eventually something will unblock and it'll all come out. I don't think any of us is going to mind if you skip ahead, either.

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