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Sorry for triple-posting but I am currrently unable to form these three posts in to one for some reason.

So, yes I have the game as most of ya know. I have had it for a week. I have played all the modes. I personally enjoy the War of the Ring mode, which is like Risk, but you actually get to play the battles.

The campaigns are rather small. But fun to play. So far, I have beaten the Good campaigns which is rather easy, with the except of the final battle which takes for ever. And I have just started the Evil campaign.

Online is awesome. You can play WotR online and of course, skirmishs which are fun to play especially when you are playing against a bunch of people. Though, Skirmishs with custom heroes sorta suck b/c sometimes the game goes out of synch. But, meh.

Skirmishs against the computer is fun. You can play against Easy, Medium, Hard, and Brutal armies. But, at least when you use your custom heroes don't 'cause the game to go out of synch.

So, you can also create a hero now. All the stats are keep for them. Though, the options for them sorta suck. Naval Combat is awesome.

So, ya. I enjoy the game. I recommend it. 8.7/10

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