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Shadow Force: Recruiting

Shadow Force is a group of Republic Commandos that are sent on the Republic’s most difficult and important missions. They must succeed, and they usually do. After all, they’re commandos, the Republic’s finest.

Anyways, I’m looking to get a group of people together to go through some missions with a team already set up. You are not committing anything by joining. However, it would be nice if you participated in the missions. Basically, we just want to have fun.

I was thinking of starting off with one squad, Alpha Squad. There will be four people in each squad. Once we get four, we can go to Beta Squad, then Gamma Squad. If we get past this, we always have Delta. Hey, we have the whole Greek alphabet if we need it. Feel free to join as a mission advisor, gunship pilot, or whatever you want. You’re not limited to being a commando.

Information to include:
Squad Role:
These are just suggestions. Nothing is required, but it is encouraged. At least let us know who you are. Add more if you want.

Here is mine:
Name: RC-1270
Nickname: Niner
Number: 70
Squad: Alpha
Squad Role: Alpha Leader
Weapons: DC-17 with blaster, sniper, silencer, and anti-armor attachments, variety of grenades, remote detonator, DC-15 sidearm rechargeable pistol, disruptor pistol.
Strengths: Swift, tactical and covert approach. Highly trained, accurate, and fast.
Weaknesses: Sometimes overly cautious. May lose the advantage by waiting. Thinks through decisions and may jeopardize missions to save squad mates.
Biography: “Something went right in that cloning vat,” is what RC-1270’s training sergeant used to tell him. “You’re going to go a long way.” Since then, RC-1270, or Niner, has been sent on a variety of dangerous missions during the Clone Wars. He continues to exceed the Kaminoans expectations as a fighter, and sometimes as a human being.

It will be interesting to see how this works out. Once we get some people, I will come out with the first mission. Expect missions ranging from the dry deserts of Prayesitlyn to the volcanic continents of Mustafar, and the Sepratists “Droid Mothership.”
- Stay tuned
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