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*After nobody says anything*

K'Warra: Haven't told me what?

Jeramine: The idiot quest these people are following.

K'Warra: I don't think they needed to tell me that. I figured it out nicely on my own. *looking at the others, still silent* Though they never bothered to tell me for what.

Jeramine: *speaking quickly* A weapon. Something that can destroy anything, everything - grants power over life and death. That's why we needed you and the reality shifter - in case they got there first. They won't tell you anything? I will. Only protect my sister from them. I swear it on the fire of the Underland.



Marin: That's encouraging. Thank you. *She is silent for a minute* You know, I never would've pictured me as a sword-swinging fighter. I guess desparate times... and all that.

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