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Originally Posted by Orao
In XML files you have the explicite filename with alo extension which tells what file will be used.

An exemple for victory

Yes, that indicates the model, but I was refering to the meshes inside the model
They do not seem to be really consistently named. i.e., the EV_AT-AT.ALO model contains several meshes such as: at-at_top_lod1, at-at_bottom_lod1, grinder, crusher, crusher, shadow, collisionbox, etc.
The EV_StarDestroyer.alo model contains a EV_StarDestroyer mesh, but the EV_TieFighter.alo model contains TieFighter_lod1 and TieFighter_lod0 as well as MuzzleA_00_Flash and MuzzleA_01_Flash.

Obviously, the "shadow" mesh is used to generate the shadow. But how does the engine know this? does it compare names, i.e. if ( == "shadow")? or does it use information inside the mesh itself that classifies it? Or this information is simply listed in an XML file somewhere as well.

Either way, this has to be figured out and at the very least documented, but is not really at the top of my list right now is offline   you may: quote & reply,