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Rebel Campaign to hard (help please)

I should like to have some strategic help on Rebel campaign. cause it goes straigh to h....l for me

Im in the area around mission five:imperial liberation.

Im about to free the wookies from there prison on Kashyyyk

1.I suspect i have been to lacey building defense and other structures?, i have not upgraded all my planets space stations yet, and not even build on all planets(only some)

should i have done that? and should i create a space station on every planet? and should i have barracks and factorys on all planets. to this date i have seen this, like i don't need barracks on all planets cause i can create troops at 1 planet then send the troops to other planets. and built alot of defence and mining facilities on moost planets,should i or should i not use this tactic? many ship shall i have in orbit over each planet? i have no idea

I have followed the misson goal directley and not conquer planets by myself,so Calamari and Kuat i have not conquer yet on mission 5. is it to late? (yes you will read down here why its to late?)

My problem is the dam empire have allready conquer Kashyyyk with a big strikeforce that is impossible to break (7 big stardestoyers and moore). and created a level 3 Spacestation. i have planes of raiding the planet. but the empire is not satisfied with Kashyyyk and send this fleet (7 big stardestoyers and moore) directley after conquering Kashyyyk to my nearest planet. before i have a chance to to anything (i mean 10 sec!)

so i dont have time to raid Kashyyyk due to that, and will that matter if i conquer it cause this unstopable empire fleet move from planet to planet and destroy everything i have buildt,

can somebody give me some advice what i should be equiped with to be able to beat (7 big stardestoyers and moore). to me it seem impossible right now. doesnt matter how big fleet defence i have in orbit in thoose planets thei are being crushed.
I find the time is to short between thei conquering my planet..untill you here this anoying voice "enemy fleet approaching" again i have no time to replace the ships i loost i previous space battle

3.i can't fire the ion cannon in space battle,why? (placed it on the current conflict planet)
And why can't i retreat from a space battle? it counts down and then gets canceled by its self? even if i dont have hit any other button.

this post was to long, however i hope someone can see some oweview problem i have made in my campaign.
i have read the campaign wallktrough on this page but i still want to have soome advice please
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