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I'm offering my services as a rogue Jet Trooper, looking for players who will courageously support me while I blaze into the heart of the enemy, capturing Command Post after Command Post from the CIS. Right now, I wish to play some battles with mature and compatible players, and-- depending on what I find-- I'm also interested in joining (or building) the right clan.

I occasionally, though rarely, play standard grunt, and love calling Orbital Strikes while playing a sniper, but first and foremost I bring Thunder And Lightning from the Sky. I am not foolhardy, though I play headstrong, and frequently ambush, well against-the-odds, confusing opponents with grenade-blasts and EMP explosions while orbiting them from both above and below. I'm often awarded "Bantha Fodder" because of my dangerous fighting-style, but-- like an air-strike-- I surprise and disrupt opponents, creating unexpected diversions, and taking out as much as I can while I'm in thier faces, up and close. Sometimes, I survive... even against 5 to 1 odds while capturing Command Posts solo. This simply IS how I play, and I hold my own amongst the top-ranked in capturing Command Posts. I'm mindful to tactic, and battling with intention and purpose, but I like to fight how I like, and with the unit that works best for me. Jet Trooper Storm.
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