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Originally Posted by Fuu
< I've had some trouble writing from the male perspective.>
Really, Fuu? *** scratches head*** Gee, I wonder why?

I've got no ideas on where you can get specific details about KotOR era ship classes. Have you PM'd Prime? He may know or be able to point you in the right direction, if the information exists at all. I kind of get the sense that it's similar to what's in the OT, only we don't have specific class names like Venator, X-wing, tie-fighter, etc. It's more like capital ships, fighters, light freighters and that's about all we see from the game. KotOR had the Leviathan, TSL had the Harbinger, both capital ships although obviously of different types. Perhaps the Leviathan could be called a "Star Forge-class" capital ship. The Harbinger seems to be the same type of capital ships the Republic used to attack the Star Forge in KotOR although I don't know what class that is. And I don't think we ever actually saw Carth's ship, Sojourn anywhere in TSL although it's mentioned. The Ravager seems more like an actual Star Destroyer as opposed to having an appearance like the Leviathan. I don't where GOTO's yacht would fit in either. But really, if there isn't anything specific about ships in KotOR-era EU sources then you've got quite a bit of liberty to do what you want with the ship classes.

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