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i never upgrade my comp i always buy one of the top ones on the market then in 2 - 3 years i buy a new one my last comp was: 2 ghz 512 ram 5200 nvidia(crap stuff) i just got my new one: 6 ghz 2 gig ram 6200 nvidia 256 mb 320 gigs of space. although my new one cost a lot of $$$$ my last one was actually more expensive then my new one so in turn computer prices are finnaly (yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! lol) going down my first computer ever had: 16 mb ram 300 mhz and no vid card with 10 megabytes of space and i got it for $3500!!! no one should complain about computer prices since they have droped down a ton! back on topic the program looks promising cant wait to see it --- Ages of Star Wars: Jedi Civil war --- Official website
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