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((For Admiral, because he complained about Drago not being scary enough.))

Tarsis, the Renari Mountains, Tavada Gap.

*The pass between the two mountains was over a mile and a hald wide. 5,000 spearmen in mail shirts stood shoulder to shoulder in five ranks, their shields locked together, spears down. Behind them stood 3,000 longbowmen, each with 30 shafts driven into the ground in front of them. The right flank of the formation was hard up against the mountain side, on the left flank stood two hundred swordsmen, in mail shirts and helm with mail veils, each weilding a two handed sword with a four-foot blade.

Between the infantry and the left side of the pass, 400 cavalrymen in heavy mail-and-scale armour, behind then 90 horse archers in leather breastplates. In the centre of the formation sat 12 men on huge warhorses, each wearing full face helms, scale shirts, greeves, bracers and green cloaks. In their centre sat a man in black armour, his cloak the colour of dried blood, engraved on his helm were two serpents-dragons, wings spread, caught the act of breathing fire down on theirs victims.

A young leutenant turned to the black garbed General.*

Leutenant: Lord, we cannot hold them. Our scouts say there are at least 15,000 spearmen and 2,000 cavalry.

Drago: In four hours Ironwall will be here with 12,000 spears and 6,000 archers, we must hold till then.

Leutenant: We won't hold. two hours lord, let alone four.

Drago: We'll hold, we have no choice.

*The ground infront of the Agamari army was covered in long grass, and slopped away gently to the plain below. In the distance the enemy were beggining to mass.

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