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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
It has an independent circulatory system and processes food itself, by necessity.
Your own link disagrees with you.

The mother's body supplies the fetus with oxygen, nutrients, and antibodies, removes the fetus's carbon dioxide and other metabolic waste materials, and helps regulate fetal growth and physiology by circulating hormones.
It's not self-sustaining, it requires the mother's assitance in it's own growth. Without the mother it'll never become a full-fledged human life.

Originally Posted by Joe©
I don't have time to argue this point to the depth that it needs to be. But you are only repeating what you read or are told. It only took a logical eye to see flaws in those 5 laws of life that you posted.
Except as it is, there are no flaws. Naturally every rule has exceptions, especially ones dealing with a complex issue such as life.

“This body is not me. I am not caught in this body.
I am life without limit.”
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