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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Not to drag religion into this, but I think Buddha said it best: "ALL life is suffering."

Should you put a shotgun in someone's mouth the instant they get a toothache? That's ridiculous! I'm for easing suffering and learning to deal with it, not killing the patient.
Except I'm not Buddhist, and if that person wants to solve their toothache with a shotgun, that's their business.

I was kinda amused with a recent episode of Battlestar Galactica I finally got around to watching. It involved a girl smuggling onto the Galactica to get an abortion. Her parents wanted her back, abortion evil, ect ect. The President ("Pro-women-can-do-what-they-want-with-their-bodies) grants her asylum and let's the girl have the abortion (then outlawing it to preserve the human race, but since our population isn't below 50,000 I don't think we have to worry about that).

I still maintain that abortion should be allowed for special cases (rape, ect), but not for "the condom broke" or something. Some people may agree with that, but what I'm reading is that abortion would not be allowed period.

I guess I'm riding the fence. They should be allowed to have the abortion, it's their body the parasite is occupying, but people shouldn't be coming in every year because they get pregnant for having irresponsible sex.
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