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"Sounds good to me," Niner said. "Does everybody know their role? Upon drop-off, Dac will clim the canyon wall. He'll provide sniper cover for Kikker, Nobody, and me. We'll be in the canyons. When we get to the LV, same idea. Dac provides sniper fire. Watch out for droid snipers positoined on your level, Dac," Niner added.

"Once we've taken the LVCP, we'll head down one of the canyons, the one parellel to the LVCP. Dac will once again, Snipe down the canyon from within LVCP. We'll set up a laying-up-point in one of the caves inside the canyon. Nobody can go back to get Dac, while Kikker and I defend."

"Then we'll move on to the TBLV. Dac can be on the canyon ledge, doing what he does best. The rest of us will scale the edges, and engage the enemy from protected locations. Once the area has been cleared, we'll plant the charge and wait for the signal to detonate."

"Does this sound good?" Niner asked.(?)

There was thirty seconds untill touch down. Niner wasn't nervous. They had it all planned out. The gunship doors opened slightly, and Niner got the first glimpse of the Praesitlyn battlefield. He realized he would have been nervous, had he not been a commando.

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